I am probably biased, but I thouroughly enjoy fencing.

It is a fantastic sport, that involves observing, thinking and doing at the same time.
It keeps me fit, although I could train harder if I wanted to.
There is also a great social side to fencing where you feel as though you are among friends - even when you are hitting them or being hit by them.
The technical side to fencing involves the self-discipline to improve your dexterity and co-ordination.
The historical appreciation of how much has gone before.
When fencing you have to think (ween) about each individual opponent, how do they fence? what are thier favorite moves? Have they learnt anything new since the last time you fenced them? How can you defeat them? what will work? what won't work? do you need to set traps? ..will they see them? ...will they avoid them?
Competition, fitness, social, or enjoyement ? or all together its your choice.
Fencing has a good safety record, a factor of all that kit we wear.
You can start fencing from as young as 8, and keep on going well into your 80's and beyond.
Cost wise, not as expensive as you think, the kit lasts for ages (apart from blades).
Best of all you get to hit someone with a sword (although they are allowed to defend themselves)
Did I mention how much fun it is?


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